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Lebanese Maronite Order
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The Lebanese Maronite Order is one of the paths belonging to the authentic monastic life. Guided by the monastic tradition, it is inspired by the spirit of the Maronite Syriac Antiochean Church. It was founded in the year 1695 through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit by a group comprising Gibrael Hawwa, Abdallah Qaraali, Youssef El Bitin and Gibrael Farhat who wished to renew the monastic heritage within the Maronite Church.

Our monastic life is one that centers on the imitation of Christ through a communal monastic life and the public profession of the monastic vows with the purpose of realizing our Christian consecration at baptism and participating in the building of the Kingdom of God and the service of the Church.

Our Order is based on communal life, a life of prayer, of silence, of quietude, and of ascetic practice. It is also committed to apostolic activities, with the monastery as a point of reference, in conformity with its history and in response to the needs of the Church.